St. Rupert outside
St. Rupert Catholic Church
Red Brush, Indiana
(East of Newburgh, IN)

St. Rupert's organ gallery

St. Rupert's Catholic Church, Newburgh



St. Rupert Catholic Church was established in 1865 and is located at 1244 W. Red Brush Road, east of Newburgh, Indiana 47630.

Hinners Pipe Organ, Pekin, Illinois (company est. 1879)

1 Manual and Pedal

Pedal Compass C - F,  31 notes
16' Bourdon (does not play for upper pedals)
Manual to Pedal Coupler
Manual Compass C - C, 61 notes

Five Ranks, Divided Keyboard

Each rank has a bass stop (playing keyboard notes below middle C) and a treble stop (playing middle C and above)

8' Open Diapason Bass
8' Open Diapason Treble

8' Stopped Flute Bass
8' Stopped Flute Treble

8' Viola d' Gamba Bass
8' Viola d' Gamba Treble

8' Aeoline Bass
8' Aeoline Treble

4' Flute Bass
4' Flute Treble
Octave Coupler
Bellows Signal

Everything is enclosed except the 16' Bourdon and the 8' Diapason.

Mechanical Key Action, Stops, and Swell Pedal
It also has two preset lever registrational assist pedals: one to the left of the Swell Pedal which is set to draw the softer stops, and one to the right of the Swell Pedal for Full Organ.

The instrument is in excellent condition, and appears to be from the late 1800s - very early 1900s. It was originally hand pumped, but now has an electric blower.  The hand pump lever is still usable.

        -Information above and close-up picture provided by Mark X. Hatfield. (August 2015)

More Information about Hinners Organ Builders

(During the recording session in August of 2015, a parishioner said the organ came from St. Agnes Church.)


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