St. Paul's Episcopal Evansville, Chancel view

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Evansville, Indiana
Grand Orgue
Violoncelle 16'
Montre 8'
Flute a Cheminee 8'
Prestant 4'
Flute Ouverte 4'
Nazard 2 2/3'
Flute a Bec 2'
Tierce 1 3/5'
Cymbale II
Fourniture II
Trompette 8'
Clarion de Trompette 4'
Trompette en Chamade 8'
Clarion en Chamade 4'
Grand 16'
Chamade 16'
Grand Unison
Grand 4'

Soubasse 16'
Violoncelle 16'
Montre 8'
Violoncelle 8'
Bourdon 8'
Prestant 4'
Flute 4'
Fourniture II
Bombarde 16'
Trompette en Chamade 8'
Trompette de Bombarde 8'
Chalumeau de Bombarde 4'
Recit Expressif
Bourdon 8'
Viole de Gambe 8'
Viox Celeste 8'
Viola 4'
Flute a Fuseau 4'
Doublette 2'
Larigot 1 1/3'
Flageolot 1'
Dulizian 16'
Hautbois 8'
Trompette en Chamade 8'
Clarion en Chamade 4'
Recit 16'
Recit Unison
Recit 4'


Grand to Pedale 8'
Grand to Pedale 4'
Recit to Pedale 8'
Recit to Pedale 4'
Recit to Grand 16'
Recit to Grand 8'
Recit to Grand 4'

Jeux de Cloches

Back of St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Above: The Trompette en Chamade rank outlines the rose window in the rear gallery of the nave.

A History of the Organ:

Listings with the Organ Historical Society:
Source: Organ Historical Society Website: (Accessed 12-9-2008)

Prior to 1938, information about the St. Paul's Episcopal Church organ is sketchy, complicated by incidents of flood and fire.  Following a fire which destroyed the interior of the church in 1938, a Pilcher organ of 17 ranks was installed. 
  -Provided by the parish historian in November 2008.

According to information emailed to our webmaster from David Laisure Pipe Organ Service Co. of Fort Wayne, IN, the organ was rebuilt around 1980 by the James K. Shawhan Pipe Organs, while Fr. Sandy was Rector of the parish.  Mr Shawhan, with the assistance of Mr. Laisure and David Weingartner removed all of the Pilcher components and built new components using a Z-tronics relay system.  These relays were later replaced by John Wolford.  A trumpet en-chamade was added in the rear gallery, originally with the highest pipes in the middle (see small photo below).  The trumpet en-chamade was later redesigned to have the highest pipes on the ends of the chest to provide a better view of the window (see larger photo above).
  -Emailed to the webmaster in March 2011.

Photos of St. Pauls by David Laisure
Six photos above provided by the David Laisure Pipe Organ Service Co.

According to information provided by the church historian, the organ was renovated by John Wolford of Evansville and the Wicks Organ Company, and rededicated on March 28, 1982.  A new console and three new ranks were added.
  -Provided by the church historian in November 2008

Below: The small Wicks pipe organ in the Viele Chapel of St. Paul's
(Previously in an Evansville residence)

St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel organ

16' Bourdon
8' Giegen Diapason
8' Flute
4' Octave
4' Flute d'Amour
2' Piccolo

16' Bourdon
8' Geigen Diapason
8' Quintadena
8' Stopped Flute
8' Viola
4' Flute
4' Violina
2-2'3 Nazard
8' Oboe

16' Sub Bass
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave
4' Flute

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