Noack practice organ at UE
University of Evansville
Krannert Hall of Fine Arts
Noack Organ Company
Georgetown, Massachusetts
Opus 101, No. 2

Installed at the University of Evansville in 2007.
Formerly in a private residence in Evansville.
Manual 1
Gedackt   8'
Principal   4'

Manual 2
Recorder   8'

Stopt Bass   8'
Principal      4' (from Manual 1)

Nicknamed - for good reason - the “little gem” this organ has an exquisite gentle but well-defined sound that does not tire the ear, even in a small practice or living room. It also is housed in a beautiful solid oak case (only 7'-3" tall), with fancy moldings and carved pipe shades - we do believe any true musical instrument deserves to be beautiful to behold. (From the Noack website.)


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